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Yoga Mat Towel

Looking for a unique and stylish way to add died in themoderum? check out yogamattowel! Its made with love by newlotus and it comes in 24 and 68 colors coral pink. It's non-slip and comes with free shipping.

Yoga Mat Manduka

Manduka yoga mat is a unique mat that is made of organic cotton and made to provide you with good yoga experience. It is made of two layers of material, which are gradually taking one another together. The result is a soft, smooth and easy to clean mat. this yoga mat is made of organic cotton and is made to provide you with good experience. It has two layers of material,

Manduka Equa Yoga Mat Towel

This manduka equa yoga mat towel is a great way to keep your towel clean and comfortable. The microfibre fabric is perfect for pilates and hot bikram grip yoga classes. The towel is also great for keeping you cool on long trips. This mat towel is perfect for travel or keeping your towel clean. this yoga mat has been designed with the modern user in mind. With its 24x68 inch size, it is perfect for anyone looking for a largemat. this manduka yoga mat is a 100 microfiber hot yoga mat that is perfect for fitness exercise. It has a stylish design and is made of 100%edited cotton. It is made to be soft and cozy for your body. the manduka yoga mat is perfect for those who want an intense yoga mat experience. It is made of microfiber for comfort and fit. Plus, the towel size is perfect for wishes-making or cleaning.